• CS:GO Next is a fan project initiated by Philipp Elhaus.
  • It is not associated with Valve Software / Valve Corporation.
  • To realize this project i’m available as a ‘Consulting Designer’.

Author & Owner

Philipp Elhaus

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CS:GO Next is the result of 20 years of Counter-Strike. I’ve played CS since the early Beta’s and was back then in a clan that had battles against the big names of the time. We played on Clanbase (which is now offline) and the #1 was TAMM, closely followed by mTw and SK. These were godlike gamers from the early Quake era with whom literally no one back then could compete. This was roughly 1999 to 2002. I played casually for years and i was later on involved in Game Design professionally,- yet never in CS. CS:GO Next was the result of roughly two dozen ideas i have had over the years. Initially this was laid out bigger, with Grenade Launchers, Laser Sights and Recon Drones – yet i started to cut it down significantly to make it viable and to really refine the best ideas. In my opinion the features CS:GO Next advocates for are quite easily implementable and at the same time could have a very huge impact on gameplay.

I was dissapointed over the years with VALVE going forward with the game. There where no big innovations. There was plenty of technical overhaul -which is good- but not really any real addition to the game aside from that. Plenty of bullshit was added no one really requested. The real Counter-Strike stopped developing in 2000/2001. The initial design from Goose & Cliff was really never questioned. There you have two guys who, literally shot from the belly with the game design, and whose approach was never significantly changed after the beta stages. For 20years you had not a single person at VALVE who was brave enough to touch the core mechanics and set them straight.

And to be fair, there’s literally so much wrong and half-baked with CS, -which could be done enormously better- that it’s a shame. E.g. the whole economy system is just an approximation that was never built on solid grounds. It’s a make-shift job to somehow balance X vs Y vs Z. Then you have weapons that you cannot unload, switch to semi, single or auto. You cannot roll grenades and always have to throw them. You still ‘run’ with a knife. On top of that, there’s still tons of small bugs and glitches everywhere. Not to mention cheaters – a problem VALVE never managed to fix entirely, partly because of an ridiculously stupid company guideline towards the Steam bootstrap client as well as borderline retarded communication policy (e.g. VAC.NET, which was circumvented the minute as it’s mechanics were officially announced).

Compared to the development efforts from like e.g. Call of Duty, the job VALVE has done on CS:GO is not that good – it’s medium at best. I gotta be fair here- as stated the technical backend of all this, the global server infrastructure, the tournaments, PR and whole community etc. – thats a big thing and deserves credit. But as said: The main game hasn’t been touched for nearly two decades now and that needs to change. CS:GO Next is my take on what can be done better, what could improve and at the same time would have the biggest impact on the gaming community.