Remote Bomb Detonation

Terrorist player can decide to plant a timed bomb OR a remote detonated bomb.

  • Primary fire plants timed bomb.
  • Holding Secondary fire plants a remote detonated bomb.
  • After planting a remote Bomb, the player receives a remote control.
  • Firing the remote control immediately detonates the bomb.
  • The remote control can be dropped and picked up by other terrorist players.

To prevent abusive tactics, R.B.D. needs proper balancing:

  • Planting a remote bomb should take significantly more time to plant than a timed one.
  • A remote bomb can be defused in the same way as a timed bomb (10s w/o kit, 5s with).
  • The bomb needs to be triggered before the round time runs out.
    • Round Time will not extended as it is with a timed explosion.
    • If a remote bomb is planted, but not detonated, the CT’s win when time runs out.
  • Winning a round with a remote bomb rewards the same money as a timed bomb.

Remote Bomb Detonation is intended as a tactical option.

The Bomb Animation would differentiate between Time- and Remote Bomb Plant.
Planting for Remote Detonation could be triggered with Secondary Fire.
A Remote Detonator could trigger the Bomb after planting.