Additional Extensions

This is a list of additional ideas that did not make into the final draft.

Off-Map Economy

  • Team Cash Pool
    • Accessible at Round Start
    • Ability to deposit Cash
    • Ability to withdraw Crash @ 10% Fee
    • 5% Interest per Round on deposited Cash
  • Bet Cash against other Team on own Victory
  • Take up limited credit after 5 Rounds
  • Get offered random discounts on Guns, Utility. Needs to buy a voucher to activate.
  • Buy Team Perks: Perma Discount on Gun Types, Armor, Utility.

Team Stash

  • Ability to deposit and carry over excess Equipment
  • Accessible by all players
  • Ability to sell excess weapons stored for 1/2 price

Player Skill System

  • Distribute Pre-Game Points on Character Development
  • Choose between Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence
  • Various bonus/malus on Health, Walking Speed, Reload Speed, Defuse/Plant Speed, Aim Stability, Knife Damage, Utility throwing range etc.


Recon Drone

  • As primary weapon
  • Infinite Flight Time
  • Can be shot down easily


  • As Primary Weapon
  • One Shot, non-reload
  • Expensive, high damage

Thermal Optics

  • To buy separately as an overhead vision.
  • To add pre-game on a gun as scope.
  • Ability to see through smoke.

Bomb Encryption Module

  • Terrorists are able to buy at start.
  • Increases CT decryption time required with Kit by 1.5x, without by 2x.
  • Expensive

Tear Gas

  • New Item: Gas-Mask (protection against tear gas)
  • Tear Gas Grenade (Impairs vision if entered, large area of effect, long duration. Not blocking off line of sight, transparent-see through.)


  • Purchaseable as T (Expensive Special Item)
  • Allows reaching of distant map parts
  • Player is restricted in his combative actions while using or carrying the ladder



  • Buy Individual Helmet: Light, Medium Protection
  • Buy Individual Vest: Light, Medium Protection
  • Buy Vest Armor Plate
  • Buy Trouser
  • Juggernaut Armor Suite (Heavy Helmet & Vest, Reduced Movement Speed)


  • Customize Individual Guns Pre-Game
    • Stock
    • Magazine Sizes
    • Scope
    • Suppressors
    • Laser Pointer
    • Optic
    • Caliber
  • Small Influence on Weapon Accuracy/Damage/Range/Accoustic
  • Introduce a ‘Wear & Tear’ Rating for Guns in general
    • Floating Discount on purchasing used Guns
    • The more a gun is worn down, the more likely it is that it misfires/jams/malfunctions
    • Malfunction needs to be rare even at high wear to make taking the risk of a discount worth it (e.g. misfires every 90 Bullets)
    • Guns without wear never misfire
    • Guns do not wear down by in-game usage


  • Instead of the diverse 5 piece utility loadout one might buy and carry 2x HE or 2x Smoke or 2x Fire or 3x Flash
  • Realistic firing pin: Ability for delayed utility explosion, even in hand.


Game Mode: Terror Raid

  • Sell bomb at round-start for a one time money amount of 500,- per terrorist.
  • Severly reduced round time.
  • T’s need to eliminate all CT’s to win.


  • Shock Damage: Part of damage inflicted regenerates.
    • Higher caliber, higher shock percentage.
    • Regeneration over a period of 3-7seconds.
  • Mount Gun for improved Accuracy (as seen in CoD)
  • Aim Gun for improved Accuracy (as seen in CoD)
  • Additional ability to throw Bomb like Utility w/ primary and secondary fire


  • Make randomly (rare, e.g. once every 30-40 rounds) dead models release audible fart sounds 10-30 seconds after death.
  • Display bullet trace