Improved Stats

  • The “Console” needs an extension, a “Kill Log” that lists all kills, events as well as individual damage done and received in full detail.
  • The best global value of a statistics column should lighten up at the end of a match.
  • ‘Skill groups’ display should be supplemented to clearly express the skill of a player: E.g. via a percentage based approach a 75th percentile indicates that a player is better than 75% of all other players. A player should be able to easily toggle between these by clicking on a Skill Group Item.
Proposed: The “Console” shares one interface with the “Kill Log”.
Proposed Kill-Log View.
The “Kill Log” displays all kills and events and all player related damage data.
Updated Description in the Game Settings Menu.
Highlighting the best values for quick success identification.
Highlighting the best values on the alternative statistics table.
Clicking on the Skill Group Icon would shuffle between three different display modes.
Current ‘Skill Groups’ should be supplemented with an option to display ‘Percentile based Skill’.
Example of an In-Game display.