Tertiary Fire

As addition to ‘Primary Fire’ and ‘Secondary Fire’, Tertiary Fire is a new key binding that adds functionality to existing items.

  • Knife: Switch to a one time throwing knife.
  • Pistols: Switch between shooting a pistol ‘Single-handed’ and ‘Two-handed’.
    • Single-handed: A pistol is shot single handed with the second hand now able to simultaneously perform a knife stab/fist punch.
      • Pistol accurary is reduced with single handed shooting.
      • Knife stab/fist punch is executed with secondary fire.
      • Knife stab/fist punch damage is reduced.
    • Two-handed: As it is currently.
  • SMG’s, Assault Rifles, MG’s: Switch between ‘Locked, Semi-Auto and Auto’.
    • Locked: The weapon can not be fired.
    • Semi-Auto: The need to click for every shot.
    • Auto: Default. As it is currently.
  • Shotguns, Sniper Rifles: Switch between ‘Locked’ and ‘Single’.
    • Locked: The weapon can not be fired.
    • Single: Default. As it is currently.
  •  Flashbang: Switch between impact detonation or timed detonation.
    • Timed detonation: Default. As it is currently.
    • Impact detonation: Triggers when hitting an obsticle.
  • Decoy Grenade: Switch between simulating primary or secondary weapon.
  • HE and Smoke Grenade: Switch to a low throw and a behind back drop.
Using Tertiary Fire, the knife becomes a throwable distance weapon.
New Primary Fire mode with Tertiary Fire for HE and Smoke grenades.
New Secondary Fire mode with Tertiary Fire for HE and Smoke grenades.
Tertiary Fire changes a flashbangs explosion mode between a timed detonation and an impact detonation.
Tertiary Fire switches an equipped pistol to a combination of pistol and knife. From here, Primary Fire triggers the pistol, with a now reduced accuary, Secondary Fire an instant knife jab with a reduced damage.
Tertiary Fire can be bound in the regular menu.