Suicide Vest

An alternative to the bomb, the suicide vest grants a terrorist player the ability to blow himself up on a bomb site to win the round. 

  • Limits engangeable bomb sites to one: Either A or B, but no longer both.
  • Tradeable at Round-Start by the Terrorist that posesses the bomb:
    • Replaces/removes the regular bomb.
    • The player trading the bomb vs. the Suicide Vest receives 1.200,- $.
    • Once purchased, CT’s will receive a notification that they deal with a suicide bomber attacking a specific bomb site.
  • Disarms the terrorist wearing it:
    • While equipped, the player can not switch to a firearm, knife, or grenades.
    • Round is lost if Suicide Bomber dies outside the site.
  • Once on site, the player is able to detonate the suicide vest.

Suicide bombing is intended as a strategic option.

Trading the bomb vs. a suicide vest grants the player instant money.
Suicide Vest can be triggered at bomb site