Drone Kit

The Drone-Kit is a CT exclusive recon resource that is available for pick-up at their spawn. It’s usage is to monitor parts of the map. It balances the CT’s against the new Terrorist tactics of Remote Bomb Detonation and Suicide Vest.

  • Non-Purchaseable.
  • One kit (Drone+Remote Control) located at CT spawn.
    • Primary Fire makes the player start the drone.
    • Secondary Fire¬†shifts the players mouse and keyboard to control the drone.
    • Tertiary Fire shuts down the drone.
  • Kit (Drone+Remote Control) can be dropped/picked up and is lost on death.
    • Occupies Weapon Slot 5.
    • Creates silent sound effect.
    • Drone can be destroyed with 30 damage points.
When selected, current view of the drone’s camera is shown.
Gives the ability to safely monitor parts of the map or lurk around corners.
Secondary Fire increases the displayed drone view and shifts the players keyboard and mouse controls to navigate the drone.
One non-purchaseable Drone-Kit is available at CT spawn at the start of the round to whichever player that is first to pick it up.