There’s a couple of issues that need to be adressed:

  • Dead bodies need to react to grenades, bullets (e.g. vibrate or move). Currently they are ‘transparent’ to game actions.
  • Getting hit by debries, e.g. flower pots on de_inferno, has to temporary impair vision if these are faced frontally.
  • Crates at a bomb site need to be visually destroyed during a bomb detonation. Currently they just continue to stand unaffected.
  • Players that purchase a helmet must reflect this difference in their model. Currently it’s the same model for a player with or without a helmet.
  • A visual difference should also apply to players wearing a kevlar vest. Currently there is no distinction to those without.
  • Automatic Reload: ON/OFF switch in the game settings for automatic reloading.

As well as bugs:

  • Passive Bot Kills: There’s an age old bug when you kill someone with an excess of >142 damage, and that player then takes control of a bot and gets killed with the bot as well, you get an assist credited for that, even when you were not involved.