Prime+ is an additional safety stage for competitive matchmaking. Prime+ grants the ability to search for matches exclusivly filled with other Prime+ players. It is a free and automatic upgrade to players who qualify in all the following points:

  • Fullfillment of the regular CS:GO Prime requirements
  • Steam Account older then 3 years
  • Phone Number linked to Account
  • More than 300 hours in CS:GO
  • Reached Level 21 In-Game

Prime+ brings back solid matchmaking for experienced long-term players by building time, work and authentication based barriers between segments of the community.

A player is not eligible for either Prime or Prime+, the options are greyed out for him.
A player is eligible for Prime, he can opt in to search exclusivly for Prime matches. With no selection made he will also be matched with Non-Prime players.
A player opted to search exclusively for Prime matches.
Both Prime and Prime+ are available as eligible options but currently not selected. In this mode, matchmaking will also include Non-Prime players.
A player opted to search only for Prime matches, still he is also eligible for Prime+.
Tooltip explanation on how to qualify for regular Prime.
Tooltip explanation on how to qualify for Prime+ for a player that has neither Prime nor Prime+ eligibility.
A Prime+ eligible player chooses to match exclusivly with other Prime+ players.